More RECX Publications!

By | October 14, 2016

The RECX labs at NTNU have been busy in 2016:

Wang, K. Asheim, P. E. Vullum, A. M. Svensson and F. Vullum-Bruer
Sponge-like Porous Manganese(II,III) Oxide as a Highly Effi-cient Cathode Material for Rechargeable Magnesium Ion Batteries
Chem. Mater. 28 (2016) 6459-6470.

Bergerud, S. M. Selbach and D. J. Milliron
Oxygen Incorporation and Release in Metastable Bixbyite V2O3Nanocrystals
ACS Nano 10 (2016) 6147-6155.

P Wagner, P. E. Vullum, M. K. Nord, A. M. Svensson and F. Vullum-Bruer
On Vanadium Substitution inLi2MnSiO4/Cas Positive Electrode for Li-ion Batteries 
J. Phys. Chem. C 120 (2016) 11359-11371.

Chen, F. L. Bleken, O. M. Løvvik and F. Vullum-Bruer
Comparing electrochemical performance of transition metal silicate cathodes and chevrel phase Mo6S8in the analogous rechargeable Mg-ion battery system
J. Power Sources 321 (2016) 76-86.

Wagner, A. M. Svensson and F. Vullum-Bruer
Flame-Made Lithium Transition Metal Orthosilicates 
Electrochimica Acta 203 (2016) 246-256.

Bernuy-Lopez, K. Høydalsvik, M.-A. Einarsrud and T. Grande
Effect of A-Site Cation Ordering on Chemical Stability, Oxygen Stoichiometry and Electrical Conductivity in LayeredLaBaCo2O5+δ Double Perovskite
Materials 9 (2016) 154.

Sletnes, M. Lindgren, J. C. Valmalette, N. P. Wagner, T. Grande and M.-A. Einarsrud
Photoluminescence of A- and B-site Eu3+-substituted (SrxBa1-x)2CaWyMo1-yO6phosphors
J. Solid State Chem. 237 (2016) 72-80.

Sletnes, S. L. Skjærvø, M. Lindgren, T. Grande and M.-A. Einarsrud
LuminescentEu3+-doped NaLa(WO4 )(MoO4 ) and Ba2CaMoO6 prepared by the modified Pechini method
J. Sol Gel Sci. Tech. 77 (2016) 136-144.

T. Wefring, F. H. Schader, K. G. Webber, M.-A. Einarsrud and T. Grande
Electrical conductivity and ferroelastic properties ofTi-substituted solid solutions(1-x)BiFeO3–xBi0.5K0.5TiO3
J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 36 (2016) 497-506.

Sletnes, J. C. Valmalette, T. Grande and M.-A. Einarsrud
Compositional dependence of the crystal symmetry ofEu3+doped(SrxBa1-x)2CaWyMo1-yO6phosphors
J. Solid State Chem. 233 (2016) 30-36.

D.Casari, W.U. Mirihanage, K. V. Falch, I. G. Ringdalen, J. Friis, R. Schmid-Fetzer, D. Zhao, Y. Li, W. H. Sillekens, R. H. Mathiesen. α-Mg primary phase formation and dendritic morphology transition in solidification of a Mg-Nd-Gd-Zn-Zr casting alloy, Acta Mat. 116,  (2016), 177-187.

H. Sillekens, D. Casari, W. U. Mirihanage, S. Terzi, R. H. Mathiesen, L. Salvo, R. Daudin, P. Lhuissier, E. Guo, P. D. Lee. The Use of In Situ X-ray Imaging Methods in the Research and Development of Magnesium-Based Grain-Refined and Nanocomposite Materials, Journal of Metals JOM, (2016), in press.