Multi Purpose Powder X-ray Diffraction


Multi Purpose Powder X-ray Diffraction


Bruker D8 A25 powder diffractometer with Mo radiation and focussing mirror optics. Lynxeye detector with “hardened” chip for Mo radiation. Sample camera and double laser alignement system.

Stages available:

  • Standard sample stage (no rotation)
  • Flipstick 9 position sample changer
  • Anton Paar HTK1200 furnace (flat/capillary sample holders)
  • Capillary spinner
  • Automated XYZ stage


Tool name: Multi Purpose Powder X-ray Diffraction

Tool ID: RECX-2

Category: Characterization

Manufacturer: Bruker AXS

Model: D8-A25

Tool rate: C

  • Determination of precise crystal lattice parameters
  • Detailed analysis of materials with known or partially known structures (lattice parameters, bond lengths and angles, thermal parameters)
  • Completion of partially solved structures
  • Elimination of preferred orientation
  • Suppression of fluorescence from Co, Mn and Fe based samples thanks to Mo radiation
  • XRD at high T (up to 1200 °C) in air or vacuum
  • Spatially resolved measurements on large samples
  • Pair distribution functions (total scattering analysis)
  • Adsorbing samples in transmission
  • In situ studies of solid/gas reactions in flow cell
  • In situ studies on batteries
  • Capillary and reflection plate sample holders. Other sample shapes can be accommodated using the XYZ stage


  • High d-spacing materials (e.g. large pore zeolites, MOFs)- the low angle peaks may be missed due to the short wavelength