Multi Purpose Powder X-ray Diffraction


Multi Purpose Powder X-ray Diffraction


Bruker D8 A25 powder diffractometer with Mo radiation and focusing mirror optics. Eiger2 R 500k 2D area detector. Sample camera and double laser alignment system.

Sample stages available:

  • Standard sample stage (no rotation)
  • Flipstick 9 position sample changer
  • Anton Paar HTK1200 furnace (flat/capillary sample holders), Temperature range 25 -1200 deg C
  • Capillary spinner
  • Automated XYZ stage


Tool name: Multi Purpose Powder X-ray Diffraction

Tool ID: RECX-2

Category: Characterization

Manufacturer: Bruker AXS

Model: D8-A25

Tool rate: C

  • Determination of precise crystal lattice parameters
  • Detailed analysis of materials with known or partially known structures (lattice parameters, bond lengths and angles, thermal parameters)
  • Completion of partially solved structures
  • Elimination of preferred orientation
  • Suppression of fluorescence from Co, Mn and Fe based samples thanks to Mo radiation
  • XRD at high T (up to 1200 °C) in air or vacuum
  • Spatially resolved measurements on large samples
  • Pair distribution functions (total scattering analysis)
  • Adsorbing samples in transmission
  • In situ studies of solid/gas reactions in flow cell
  • In situ studies on batteries
  • Capillary and reflection plate sample holders. Other sample shapes can be accommodated using the XYZ stage


  • High d-spacing materials (e.g. large pore zeolites, MOFs)- the low angle peaks may be missed due to the short wavelength