Small Angle Scattering

RECX5-small angle scattering


Bruker Nanostar SAXS system. InCoatec Cu microsource and Våntec-2000 detector.

Sample stages:

  • basic powder/solution stage
  • flow cell system
  • Peltier cooling stage (?-? K)
  • heating stage (???-??? K)
  • BioLogic stopped flow stage with 3-syringe mixer
  • Linkam heating stage


Tool name: Small Angle Scattering

Tool ID: RECX-5

Category: Characterization

Manufacturer: Bruker

Model: Nanostar

Tool rate: D

  • High flux/low background instrument optimized for solution scattering/weak scattering
  • Structural characterization in the nano-range (1-100 nm)
  • Morphology, size and density distribution of nanostructures in solution.
  • Studies of interactions and ordering phenomena in colloidal or polymeric materials
  • Characterization of voids and nano-precipitation in alloys, rocks etc.
  • Characterization of composite materials
  • Shape and size analysis of proteins in solution. Conformation and complex formation.

 Auxiliary equipment

  • Flow-through cell for reproducible filling and removal of samples (required amount 200-500 microL).
  • Peltier element for accurate control of temperature (-40-120 C).
  • Linkam stage for wide temperature scans (-196 – 300 C).
  • Integrated stopped-flow apparatus for rapid mixing and time-resolved measurements of kinetics.
  • Option for characterization of nanostructured surfaces (GI-SAXS)