Publication List From NTNU

By | November 17, 2023

Publication list from NTNU

Publications per year:


F.H. Danmo, I.-E. Nylund, A. Westermoen, K.P. Marshall, D. Stoian, T. Grande, J. Glaum and S.M. Selbach
Oxidation kinetics of nanocrystalline hexagonal RMn1-xTixO3 (R = Ho, Dy)

K. A. Hunnestad, J. Schultheiß, A. C. Mathisen, I. N. Ushakov, C. Hatzoglou, A. T. J. van Helvoort, D. Meier
Quantitative Mapping of Chemical Defects at Charged Grain Boundaries in a Ferroelectric Oxide
Adv. Mater

F. H. Danmo, B. A. D. Williamson, D. R. Småbråten, N. H. Gaukås, E. R. Østli, T. Grande, J. Glaum, and S. M. Selbach
Oxygen Absorption in Nanocrystalline h-RMnO3 (R = Y, Ho, Dy) and the Effect of Ti Donor Doping
Chem. Mater.  

M. Bentzen, J. Maier, U. Eckstein, A. Henss, N. Khansur, J. Glaum
Enhanced grain growth and electrical properties in aerosol deposited BaTiO3
J. Euro. Ceram. Soc. 2023

F.H. Fagerli, P. E. Vullum, T. Grande, Z. Wang, S. M. Selbach, K. Wiik, N. P. Wagner
Bulk Substitution of F-terminations from Ti3C2Tx MXene by cation pillaring and gas hydrolysation
FlatChem (2023)

I.-E. Nylund, C. R. Zeiger, D. Peng, P. E. Vullum, J. Walker, M.-A. Einarsrud, T. Grande
Centrosymmetric Tetragonal Tungsten Bronzes A4Bi2Nb10O30 (A = Na, K, Rb) with a Bi 6s Lone Pair
Chem. Mater. (2023)

Kar, Manish Kumar; Safarian, Jafar. (2023) Characteristics of Bauxite Residue–Limestone Pellets as Feedstock for Fe and Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> Recovery. Processes

Kar, Manish Kumar; Eijk, Casper van der; Safarian, Jafar. (2023) Kinetics Study on the Hydrogen Reduction of Bauxite Residue-Calcite Sintered Pellets at Elevated Temperature. Metals

Hassanzadeh, Ahmad; Kar, Manish Kumar; Safarian, Jafar; Kowalczuk, Przemyslaw Boguslaw. (2023) An Investigation on Reduction of Calcium Added Bauxite Residue Pellets by Hydrogen and Iron Recovery through Physical Separation Methods. Metals

Pazos Urrea, Monica; Herold, Felix; Chen, de; Rønning, Magnus. (2023) Nitrogen-containing carbon nanofibers as supports for bimetallic Pt-Mn catalysts in aqueous phase reforming of ethylene glycol. Catalysis Today


E. R. Østli, M. Ebadi, Y. Tesfamhret, M. Mahmoodinia, M. J. Lacey, D. Brandell, A. M. Svensson, S. M. Selbach, N. P. Wagner
On the Durability of Protective Titania Coatings on High-Voltage Spinel Cathodes

I.-E. Nylund, N. Løndal, J. Walker, P.E. Vullum, M.-A. Einarsrud, T. Grande
Cation disorder in ferroelectric Ba4M2Nb10O30 (M = Na, K, Rb) tetragonal tungsten bronzes
Inorg. Chem., 61 (2022)

S.P. Singh, N. Kanas, M.-A. Einarsrud and K. Wiik
The effect of alkaline earth metal substitution on thermoelectric properties of A0.98La0.02MnO3-d (A = Ca, Ba)

I.-E. Nylund, M. Tsoutsouva, T. Grande and D. Meier
Observation of cation-specific critical behavior at the improper ferroelectric phase transition in Gd2(MoO4)3
Phys. Rev. Mater. 6 (2022) 034402

J. Schultheiß,F. Xue,E. Roede,H. W. Ånes,F. H. Danmo,S. M. Selbach,L.-Q. Chen and D. Meier
Confinement-driven inverse domain scaling in polycrystalline ErMnO3
Adv. Mater. (2022)

F. H. Fagerli, Z. Wang, T. Grande, H. Kaland, S. M. Selbach, N. P. Wagner and K. Wiik
Removing Fluoride-Terminations from Multilayered V2CTx MXene by Gas Hydrolyzation
ASC Omega (2022)

J.Gurauskis, V. Gil, B. Lin and M.-A. Einarsrud
Pilot scale fabrication of lanthanum tungstate supports for H2 separation membranes
Open Ceramics 9 (2022) 100226

K. Bakken, A. B. Blichfeld, I.-E. Nylund, D. Chernyshov, J. Glaum,T. Grande and M.-A. Einarsrud
Tailoring Preferential Orientation in BaTiO3-based Thin Films from Aqueous Chemical Solution Deposition
Chemistry-Methods 2 (2022) e20210006

Skibelid, Olivia Bogen; Velle, Sander Ose; Vollan, Frida; Eijk, Casper van der; Hoseinpur Kermani, Arman; Safarian, Jafar. (2022) Isothermal Hydrogen Reduction of a Lime-Added Bauxite Residue Agglomerate at Elevated Temperatures for Iron and Alumina Recovery. Materials

Mwase, James Malumbo; Vafeias, Michail; Marinos, Danai; Dimitrios, Panias; Safarian, Jafar. (2022) Investigating Aluminum Tri-Hydroxide Production from Sodium Aluminate Solutions in the Pedersen Process. Processes

Zhang, Wei; Ma, Hongfei; Wang, Yalan; Regli, Samuel K.; Rønning, Magnus; Rout, Kumar Ranjan. (2022) In situ monitoring of dynamic behavior of La-doped CuCl2/γ-Al2O3 catalyst in ethylene oxychlorination. Journal of Catalysis

Effects of Ni-Co Ratio on Deactivation and Coke Formation in Steam Reforming of Hydrocarbon Impurities from Biomass Gasification with Ni-Co/Mg(Al)O Catalysts Ask Lysne, Kristin Ø. Madsen, Jibin Antony, Kumar R. Rout, Edd A. Blekkan* CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS 2022

Evaluating pore characteristics and acid site locations in hierarchical SAPO-11 by catalytic model reactions, Daniel Ali a, Zhihui Li a, Muhammad Mohsin Azim a, Hilde Lea Lein b, Karina Mathisen, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2022


S. L. Skjærvø, G. K. Ong, O. G. Grendal, K. H. Wells, W. van Beek, K. Ohara, D. J. Milliron, S. Tominaka, T. Grande and M.-A. Einarsrud
Understanding the Hydrothermal Formation of NaNbO3: Its Full Reaction Scheme and Kinetics
Inorg. Chem. 60 (2021) 7632–7640

K.K Poon, S. Schaffoner, M.-A. Einarsrud and J. Glaum
Barium titanate-based bilayer functional coatings on Ti alloy biomedical implants
J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 41 (2021) 2918-2922

M. Tabeshfar, M. Salehi, G. Dini, P. I. Dahl, M.-A. Einarsrud and K. Wiik
Hot corrosion of Gd2Zr2O7Gd2Zr2O7/YbSZ, YSZ + Gd2Zr2O7/YbSZ, and YSZ thermal barrier coatings exposed to Na2SO4 + V2O5
Surf. Coat. Technol. 409 (2021) 126718

N. Kanas, R. Bjork, K. H. Wells, R. Schuler, M.-A. Einarsrud, N. Pryds and K. Wiik
Time-Enhanced Performance of Oxide Thermoelectric Modules Based on a Hybrid p-n Junction
ACS Omega 6 (2021) 197-205

E R. Østli, Y. Tesfamhret, S. Wenner, M. J. Lacey, D. Brandell, A. M. Svensson, S. M. Selbach and N. P. Wagner
Limitations of Ultrathin Al2O3 Coatings on LNMO Cathodes
ACS Omega 6 (2021) 45

H. Kaland, F. H. Fagerli, J. HadlerJacobsen, Z. ZhaoKarge, M. Fichtner, K. Wiik and N. P. Wagner
Performance Study of MXene/Carbon Nanotube Composites for Current Collector and BinderFree Mg–S Batteries
ChemSuSChem (2021)

K. Bakken, V. H. Pedersen, A. B. Blichfeld, I.-E. Nylund, S. Tominaka, K. Ohara, T. Grande and M.-A. Einarsrud
Structures and Role of the Intermediate Phases on the Crystallization of BaTiO3 from an Aqueous Synthesis Route
ACS Omega (2021)

Kudyba, Artur; Akhtar, Shahid; Johansen, Inge; Safarian, Jafar. (2021) Valorization of aluminum dross with copper via high temperature melting to produce al-cu alloys. Materials

Goso, Xolisa; Petersen, Jochen; Tangstad, Merete; Safarian, Jafar. (2021) Beneficiation of fluxed titaniferous slag to a marketable titania product using the modified upgraded slag process. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy: Transactions of the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy