Single crystal X-ray diffraction (dual source)


Bruker D8 Venture single crystal diffractometer. 3-circle goniometer, Cu and Mo InCoatec microfocus X-ray sources, Photon 100 detector. Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream plus low temperature attachment (80 – 500 K).

The APEX suite is used for data collection and processing.


Tool name: Single crystal X-ray diffraction (dual source)

Tool ID: RECX-4

Category: Characterization

Manufacturer: Bruker

Model: D8-Venture

Tool rate: D

  • Structure solution from single crystals- method of choice for determination of unknown structures
  • Temperature range from 100-500 K
  • Micropowder diffraction- fingerprint powder diffraction from very small amounts of sample and nanoparticles
  • Powder diffraction at low temperature