High resolution powder diffraction

High resolution powder diffraction

High resolution powder diffraction


Bruker D8-A25 with Lynxeye detector.

Cu K-alpha-1 and 2 radiation. Transmission capillary geometry.

A heat gun capable of 700 C and a Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream which can cool to 100 K are available(Not working now).


Tool name: High resolution powder diffraction

Tool ID: RECX-1

Category: Characterization

Manufacturer: Bruker

Model: D8-A25

Tool rate: C

  • Determination of precise crystal lattice parameters
  • Analysis of peak shapes for crystallite size, strain and defect structure
  • Detailed analysis of materials with known or partially known structures (lattice parameters, bond lengths and angles, thermal parameters)
  • Completion of partially solved structures
  • Elimination of preferred orientation
  • Structure solution
  • XRD at high temperature (up to 700 °C)
  • Capillary, transmission film and reflection plate sample holders can be used
  • Suppression of fluorescence from Co, Mn and Fe based samples with energy selective LynxEye XE detector


  • Highly adsorbing materials