Thin Film XRD



PanAlytical Empyrean diffractometer with Cu radiation. PixCel 2×2 and scintillation counter detectors. Many dedicated optical options for high resolution thin film studies. An Anton Paar DHS 1100 heating stage is available.

Primary optics:

  • Parallel beam mirror
  • Hybrid monochromator
  • Bartels monochromator
  • X-ray lens

Secondary optics:

  • Parallel plate collimator
  • Secondary monochromator

Sample stages:

  • 3-axis cradle


Tool name: Thin Film XRD
Tool ID: RECX-3
Category: Characterization
Manufacturer: Panalytical
Model: Empyrean
Tool rate: C

  • Grazing incidence XRD to reveal the structure of very thin films
  • X-ray reflectometry to analyse film thickness, density and composition
  • Experiments at high temperature (up to….) in air or vacuum
  • Studies of orientation and detailed structure of epitaxial samples
  • Strain measurements in films
  • Mapping of reciprocal space to give information about film orientation etc


  • Fluorescent samples containing Fe, Mn, Co