Routine Powder Diffraction



Bruker D8 Discover with Cu K-alpha-1 radiation selected by a Ge (111) Johanssen monochromator. Lynxeye detector. 90 position sample changer.


Tool name: Routine Powder Diffraction


Category: Characterization

Manufacturer: Bruker AXS

Model: D8 Discover

Tool rate: A


  • Routine “fingerprint” analysis of powders, pellets and thin films
  • Quantitative analysis and analysis of impurities
  • Determination of precise crystal lattice parameters
  • Analysis of peak shapes for crystallite size, strain and defect structure
  • Detailed analysis of materials with known or partially known structures (lattice parameters, bond lengths and angles, thermal parameters)
  • Completion of partially solved structures
  • Structure solution
  • Reflection plate sample holders (transmission films also possible but requires change of setup)
  • Suppression of fluorescence from Mn and Fe based samples with energy selective LynxEye detector


  • Co fluorescence
  • Preferred orientation