The official opening of RECX

By | February 27, 2014

The official opening of RECX took place on February 14th 2014 with a seminar at the University of Oslo.

The RECX opening seminar was attended by representatives from universities from different parts of Norway, potential industrial users of the infrastructure, the Research Council of Norway, the Ministry of Education and Research and students.

The infrastructure was presented during the seminar and the presentations of the different techniques and instruments can be viewed below. (all in pdf)


X-ray imaging at NTNU – Ragnvald Mathiesen

Thin film metrology – Ola Nilsen

Single crystal XRD facilities – Sigurd Øien

Rietveld and PDF Analysis – Structural information from powder diffraction – Julian Tolchard

Non Ambient XRD – Julian Tolchard

General SAXS & WAXS system at NTNU – Dag Breiby

Basic Powder XRD methods at RECX – David Wragg